Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning

Become part of the Go Play Music Network.

Use our innovative video distribution, eCommerce, social media and course management platform to sell your music lessons over the Internet. With this approach, you can build more revenue and provide greater value to your students. The Go Play Music Network enables you to add a variety of new feawtures and capabilities to your music instructional business.

You will be able to:
  • Quickly and easily add new videos lessons to your web site
  • Add new business models such as subscriptions, rentals
  • Pay nothing for use of the platform plus you get the lions share of revenue from sales, subscriptions and rentalsSet and manage your own pricing
  • Secure eCommerce capabilities
  • Deliver your videos and lessons to any PC connected to the Internet anywhere in the world
  • Add social media capabilities to your lessons
Go Play Music's complete suite of products are specifically designed for teaching music. Not only can you add downloadable sheet music to the videos, you can structure your videos into individual chapters within lessons, add additional HTML text to be displayed with the video and provide the ability for your students to stop and return to the same spot in the video at a later time. Plus, we provide extensive support services to help you through every step of the way: from setting up your personalized class video player and implementing effective business models to designing the structure of your video lessons.

Check out the examples above to see more about how you can use the Go Play Music platform to offer subscription access to your video lessons, create and sell complete on-line courses, and sell individual videos.

Learn more about our platform, click on view a demo to watch a short video demo about how you can use the Go Play Music platform to sell more and enhance your music business, all without having to design, create or program your own web site!