Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning

Founded in 2009, The Go Play Music Network provides a comprehensive eLearning platform for music schools, teachers and producers of music instructional content. The GPM mission is to help music schools and teachers bridge the gap between in-studio lesson programs and their students, via the Internet. Through GPM, students can have greater access to their instructors lesson materials, and extend their learning experience beyond the classroom.

Go Play Music offers four different revenue models so that schools and instructors can generate income from their classes and instructional material. Students can sign up for unlimited access by title, rental, direct bill subscription, and bill through the school. The variety of business models provide clients a wide range of options to enhance and expand their teaching and educational programs. Attracting new students in and out of the local school region is made possible through the GPM technologies.

In addition, the Go Play Music Network offers a digital video store - Music Enthusiast Television ( Music Enthusiast distributes digital DVDs streamed directly to users' computers. Music Enthusiast supports a full digital media eCommerce platform with over 1500 registered users and 200-plus full length DVDs.

GPM has content and distribution partnerships with Alfred Music, MVD Entertainment, Guitar College, Play Like Me Music, and the Crescendo School of Music and Art.