Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning
In the Internet connected world, music schools face a unique challenge - to attract and retain students who are accustomed to using the Internet to get music instructional content. Whether from YouTube or an on-line music site, aspiring musicians go to the Internet for help with playing their instrument. Music schools need to embrace the power of the Internet to create an environment where students can get the best of both worlds - personal teachers, as well as anytime, anywhere access to music educational material over the Internet.

The Go Play Music Network helps music schools by providing them with a unique platform of web based technologies. GPM has combined Internet video, social media, teaching tools and services designed to complement and augment classroom music instruction.

Music instruction is, by nature, visual, aural, interactive and social. GPM helps bridge the gap between live personal teaching and virtual learning over the Internet, enhancing the learning process.

Schools now easily expand their music programs, building and strengthening student relationships. GPM's platform includes video, social media, billing, curriculum management and content management services. Now schools provide students a new reason to sign up and study: access to material on-line that complements and enhances classroom lessons and courses. By getting students engaged on-line, GPM helps schools attract and build their student body.