Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning
The Go Play Music Network Philosophy about Music eLearning

Go Play Music is based on a number of beliefs about how and why people learn to play a musical instrument. GPM is incorporating technology to help instructors teach music. There is no argument about the importance of learning and playing music - from brain development and socialization for children and teens, to the proven benefits for adults.

The GPM goal is to encourage and facilitate music learning throughout peoples' lives. Go play Music finds new ways to engage people in music, exposes them to the joys of playing, and makes the processes of learning effective, easy, relevant and enjoyable.

Behind the design of the GPM services are eight fundamental concepts. These show how to use technologies to improve teaching and learning a musical instrument. An eLearning solution for music should:

  1. Bridge the gap between on-line and in-studio instruction, and to complement the teacher-student relationship.

  2. Facilitate and encourage coaching and mentoring.

  3. Be video centric, presenting music instruction in a visual, aural and experiential manner so that students can learn by example. Lesson materials are presented in context and with relevance to the student.

  4. Encourage the social aspects of music: enabling students to share and collaborate with their peers, and give and get feedback on their progress.

  5. Base music instruction on playing songs, not just theory; supporting the underlying theme of relevant learning.

  6. Create on-demand learning and instruction: enhance student value and retention by allowing the students to learn what, when and where they want to learn.

  7. Provide a business model that makes it easy for schools to include eLearning services.

  8. Enable teachers and schools to create and manage on-line curriculum, incorporating video and a variety of rich media.