Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning
What they do

Crescendo operates a full service music academy, providing class room and 1-on-1 lessons for children and adults. Crescendo offers classes from beginning through advanced, across instrument, voice and theater.

What they want to achieve

  • Provide higher quality teaching and instructional service by bridging the gap between in-class instruction and home study, via the Internet
  • Greater instructional value for their internet enabled students. Provide support and motivation outside of the classrooms
  • Extend and enhance their connections and relationships with students
  • Build community among students and teachers

How they use the Go Play Music Network

Crescendo uses the Go Play Music network to extend its connection and reach with students. Each Crescendo music student has a Go Play Music account. Each class teacher prepares a series of video lesson tips and study materials that the student can access after their class. This enables the student to review key concepts from the teacher after they complete the weekly class.

They also can access and download sheet music and other exercises as part of their overall class program. The on-line video capabilities dramatically increase student engagement with their instrument away from the classroom. Practice and achievement are improved by reinforcing key lesson points with both videos, and downloadable exercises.