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What they do

Guitar College produces a large collection of guitar instructional videos, teaching various jazz and country styles. They have a catalog of over 100 DVDs and produce new videos every month.

What they want to achieve

  • Provide full access to the entire collection of videos, based on a monthly subscription
  • Give their students an easier way to select and access videos as the catalog continues to grow
  • Protect their videos from cyber piracy
  • Create sustainable revenue flow
  • Reduce per video transaction costs
  • Establish stronger community among the Guitar College student base
  • Bundle supporting sheet music and play-along files with the videos

  • How they use the Go Play Music Network

    Guitar College is using the Go Play Music platform to enable subscription access to their video catalog. This allows students to select and view videos based more on their learning objectives rather than what videos they've purchased..

    They are also using the Go Play Music social networking capabilities to provide better communications between the students and the instructors as well as building community and collaboration among the student base.