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What they do

Play Like Me Music produces a series of jazz piano instructional videos that help musicians learn and play contemporary arrangements of jazz classics. Bill Susman has developed a comprehensive approach to teaching jazz piano by using his open chord approach. This approach is well suited for the video do it yourself market and allows students to learn to build chord voicings used in contemporary jazz. His approach is designed for students to progress at their own rate. He provides short easily consumed video lessons for each line of the song and then additional videos for progressively more challenging arrangements of the song.

What they want to achieve

  • Distribute their videos to a worldwide audience
  • Minimize risk of cyber-piracy of their videos
  • Monetize their videos
  • Reduce time to market for new instructional videos
  • Avoid costs of physical DVD distribution
  • Optimize lessons for the do-it-yourself music market
  • Deliver content in a way that the video and lessons can be segmented into chapters
  • Include downloadable sheet music and audio play-along files

How they use the Go Play Music Network

Play Like Me uses the Go Play Music network to sell unlimited access to digital versions of their DVDs. This system also allows Play Like Me to digitally deliver sheet music and lesson guides that accompany their videos.

The products are made available in a catalog with an integrated eCommerce shopping cart that allows customers to easily buy and get instant access to the instructional videos.

The purchased video lessons can be securely streamed to their students over the Internet. Additionally, the lessons can be segmented into chapters within a video to make it easier for the student to focus on specific skills and parts of a song. They also use the ability to include text and graphics associated with the chapter, displayed as the video chapter plays. Lastly, they use the download capability to include PDF files of sheet music and lessons guides with the video.