Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning

Sheet music is critical to teaching music. Without it, it's difficult to teach someone to play a song. Most sheet music is protected by copyright - using sheet music in teaching is not exempted. The challenge for music schools, teachers and content producers is in getting sheet music in the hands of the students. They can have the student buy the sheet music, buy the sheet music for each student, or make illegal copies. Even though the latter happens occasionally, and risk of prosecution is slight, it is still illegal and sends the wrong message to students.

When teaching over the Internet, the challenge becomes even greater. Providing a copy of sheet music in an on-line lesson can, and often times will, violate copyrights for the sheet music. Go Play Music is sensitive to the issue of protecting copyrights, and the need to provide and use sheet music as a fundamental component of music eLearning.

GPM is working on providing a solution that will allow schools, teachers and content producers to legally include selected sheet music in their lessons and programs.

In addition, GPM will provide the ability to create new sheet music and have it incorporated in various music lessons (not illegal scanned versions of songs). For those with licensed versions of a song, music, or an exercise, it can be imported and incorporated into lessons on-line.

Students can buy legal digital versions of sheet music from within the Go Play Music lesson player. Instructors create links in lessons that connect the student to correct sheet music selected for the lesson. Students will then be able to purchase the sheet music and have it available, digitally, in their lesson library. They can view, print, even change the key of the song all right from their computer.

The Go Play Music platform allows teachers to annotate arrangements of songs that are licensed and legally distributed with the Go Play Music lesson player. When the student buys the sheet music, they will also get the instructors notes and arrangements of the song that will go with the licensed legal copy.