Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning

Social media lets users share ideas, opinions and content over the Internet. Users create support and communications linkages with other people, with similar interests, that promote engagement, sharing and collaboration.

Learning and playing music is, inherently, a social activity. When musicians are not playing their instruments, they often talk about playing, are learning a new tune, share views about artists, ask questions, or give opinions. Playing music is also about relationships - between players in a band, between the player, band and audience, or between the student and the teacher.

On-line music education must incorporate social media. Social media helps the student and teacher to communicate and share ideas. Using social media can make on-line and live lessons more effective by creating a closer link between student and teacher. It also inspires and motivates students, by allowing them to share their passion with friends, while broadening their horizons by giving them access to new perspectives. Social media can also be used to enhance communication and the relationship between teacher and student.

The Go Play Music eLearning platform comes with integrated social media services. This allows the instructor to set up on-line forums that will let students share and discuss ideas among themselves, critique performances, exchange private messages with teachers and have access to additional teaching materials posted in the forum. The GPM platform is complete and ready for instructors to expand their student base, allowing full social media interaction.