Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning

Music schools and teachers can use the Go Play Music Network's video streaming services to provide engaging and effective distance learning for students.

The Internet is a key success factor to a music business. Instructors with valuable audio or video content can now monetize their media, buy using the GPM platform to connect with students. Teach students on desktops, mobile devices and in living rooms.

Instructors need more than just Internet video. Without the right platform and approach, content is at risk of cyber-piracy – unscrupulous users copying videos and posting them on YouTube or other sites. Video performance and operating system support are issues, as well as business models that curtail revenue.

An industrial strength video delivery platform is needed to provide content securely and easily to students. The platform must allow creation of content delivery sites, with built-in secure payment methods that let students pay for what they want, guided by the instructor, who knows what they need to succeed.

The GPM tools allow for the delivery of video to any desktop computer (Mac or Windows), that meets the basic system requirements. Instructors get to teach, supported by music instructional business models like subscription and monthly tuition.

Instructors are adding students and making additional revenue with the Go Play Music video subscription service.

  • Support for Macs, Windows, and Mobile Devices
  • Live and on-demand streaming, interactive audio/video/text chat, remote recording, and collaboration
  • Scalable, high-performance operation with load balancing and edge/origin support
  • Robust anti-ripping and encryption for security and content protection