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Create and manage on-line lesson subscription programs with Go Play Music's Subscription Access Manager


Go Play Music provides a complete solution for on-line music instruction. GPM integrated a number of key features to help make instructors successful and reduce the time spent on web site development and maintenance. Instructors make money by teaching and producing great instructional content - not trying to be eCommerce companies. Partner with The Go Play Music Network. GPM provides all the technology and support needed to run a successful on-line music instruction business. The platform was specifically designed and built for music teachers and music instruction content developers.

Go Play Music's Subscription Access Manager lets instructors distribute video lessons over the Internet, securely streamed to users and students all over the world. Lesson videos can be segmented into chapters with accompanying graphics and text. Instructors determine what the students can access, providing it to them through their own password protected web portal. Students that need more time can take all the time they need, with lesson content geared to their level of achievement. Faster learners can have access to more content, and sooner, since they are better satisfied learning at a greater pace.

Students view videos of the specific technique that the instructor wants them to master, time and again, as many times as needed. The instructor records a video segment once, and provides it to multiple students who can play and learn from it hundreds and thousands of times -- record once, play many. The students get the exact technique and the instructor knows each student is getting the best they can offer, multiplied over the Internet. Thus an entire suite of beginning and intermediate techniques can be presented, while the instructor focuses on creating and deploying content geared for advanced students and their specific needs for musical expression and interpretation. Including downloadable files for sheet music, lesson guides, audio play-along files and video allows the student to learn the techniques in context of a greater whole. Instructors maintain contact with students beyond the classroom setting. Students will use the service more via the integrated social media features and build long-term relationships. More students, longer relationships, happier customers, greater revenues.

The Go Play Music Subscription Access manager is secure, unlike many public video sites. The public sites have their place, are powerful content delivery platforms, and should be integrated into the marketing and advertising programs of music instructors. Use free sites to get the attention of potential students, then provide lessons to them through the GPM secure system. This maintains the intellectual property of the instructor, allowing for monetization of lesson content, while not giving it (and all derivative rights) away over the free sites.

Go Play Music provides a platform specifically for music instruction that offers flexible business models, security, social media, streaming video to multiple devices and a complete eCommerce system. The GPM platform is all about helping teachers deliver superior video instruction, retain customers, protect and monetize assets, and create new revenue opportunities!

Who's it for

The eLearning Subscription service is designed specifically for on-line music programs and producers of instructional DVDs and video.

Key features & benefits
  • Private teacher-student messaging - builds and expands the relationship between teachers and students
  • Subscription manager with integrated eCommerce service - handles all recurring monthly billing with credit cards
  • Streaming secure video allows students to play lessons over the Internet - expand revenue while retaining intellectual property rights for instructors
  • Adaptive bit-rate streaming feature - automatically adjusts video stream to match users' Internet connection speed
  • Video encoding to convert either DVDs or MPEG videos to on-line formats
  • Support for any personal computer as well as mobile devices - lessons can be viewed anywhere, anytime
  • Create video chapters within lessons - show students specific technique in context
  • Content management features - allow students to easily find and select video lessons based on category or level of difficulty
  • End user video queue feature - allows students to select and manage videos from the catalog that they want to focus on.
  • Attach downloadable files for PDFs, sheet music, MP3 audio files and more to lessons - multiple formats for content enrich and enhance the learning experience
  • Integrated social media forums - students can participate in their own specific social music scenes
  • Stock instructional DVD catalog - allows teachers to resell additional DVD titles, enhances revenue stream opportunities
  • Add text and graphics to accompany videos - broadens impact of the lessons
  • Catalog and student video player can be branded and integrated into instructor's web site - builds relationship with student
  • Integrated shopping cart designed for both unlimited access as well as time limited rentals - students access and pay for what they want
  • News bulletin feature lets instructors post news bulletins for all students - keeps them informed and coming back for more
  • Wide range of support services to help teachers maximize on-line content - simplified content management allows for more students and business growth and success
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