Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning
Go Play Music offers a wide range of DVDs as part of the education platform. Instructors can use these DVDs as part of their lesson programs or make them available to students as an enrichment to their learning.

Plus, instructors can earn money every time students purchase or rent a concert or instructional video.

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Music Instructional Digital DVDs - Here are some of the how-to music DVDs that can be made available for purchase or rental to students.

Concert DVDs - Here are DVDs of some of the greatest live concerts of all time. Let students experience great artists as part of their music education.

Music Documentaries - Let students learn about the artist. These documentaries provide an in-depth look at the lifestyles of famous musicians.

Rentals - Here is the growing collection of 10 day rentals. Students can watch these videos at a reduced price.