Innovative Internet learning platforms for music schools to bridge the gap between your classroom and virtual learning
Music on-line instruction platform
Set up your account for delivering video-based music courses,
individual video lessons or on-going subscriptions.
Only $12.95 one-time fee to set up your music instruction account.
With this account you get:
  • Ability to set up monthly subscriptions with automatic monthly billing of your students and users
  • Your own digital store for selling individual lessons
  • Customized courses of videos where you can set a one-time price for a set period of time
  • Self-administered courses where you set up and manage your users
  • Upload utility to import your video lessons and supporting material
  • Lesson manager to create instructional programs with courses and subscriptions as well as put them in your store for sale
Your On-line Lesson Store
With the Go Play Music digital store you can generate revenue by offering your music instructional lesson videos to users through monthly subscriptions, courses and as individual lessons. You make the money and we do all the billing.
Subscriptions allow you to create a catalog of video lessons and provide your students and users unlimited access to an entire collection of video lessons for a monthly recurring fee. When you set up a subscription, you can add as many video lessons as you want. You can also easily add, remove or update video lessons in the subscription. Set up one or more subscriptions, set the price and give your students unlimited on-line access to your instructional videos. With subscriptions, you pay nothing. We bill your student's credit cards each month, deduct our fees and we pay you the difference.
Courses allow you to create groups of lessons that can be accessed by one or more users. Courses are similar to subscriptions but are designed to have a specific start and end date or duration of time. For example, a course selling for $99.95 could include 20 lessons available for 3 months. You set up a course to be sold through your digital store and set one price for access to a group of lessons that make up your course. With courses, you pay nothing. We bill your student's credit card, deduct our fees and we pay you the difference.
Individual Lessons
Individual lessons may be included in your store. This provides your users with unlimited access to a single lesson for a single up front fee. The user pays a single on-time fee for unlimited access as long as you maintain an account with Go Play Music. Set up as many indivicual lessons as you want. For individual lessons you pay nothing. We bill your student's credit card, deduct our fees and we pay you the difference.
Self Administered Courses
If you want more control over your users and do your own billing, you can set up self-administered courses. These course are similar to the in-store courses in that they are collections of video lessons. The difference is in your ability to set up and assign users to the courses. With self-administered courses, you have complete control over who has access to your courses and lessons.

With self-administered courses, you are billed a small monthly fee for each user having access to your self administered courses.